Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why no Facebook for Photography ?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Cooked Spam... my distain of social networking goes deep. Life is full of so many layers of bull shit why add another ?

" In a models world, how is it the dog, cat, goldfish gets sick causing a grandparent to come close to death and this impacts a car engine / transmission ? These events seem to trigger, a boss calling you in to work unscheduled and that time of the month arriving early ?  This interstellar alignment causes the rent to become due and the cell phone to suddenly stop receiving text messages and voice mail.

Yet despite these insurmountable obstacles, that all take place just hours before a long scheduled photo shoot, within just a short few moments, the phone comes alive, the car is working, the cramps go away then your dancing your ass off at a nightclub and somehow you manage to update your Faceyuck page with snazzy shots of you smacking down top shelf booze. "

These are the paradoxical forces of the universe that often impact a photographers life :-)

Always consider were your life has been, were you are now and were it is going !

F  A