Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Welcome to my tiny blog :-)

The time has come to share my experiences, ideas and events of my life as a photographer. I hope you will enjoy, laugh and maybe with luck learn from all my mistakes.


As the title of the blog suggest, my entry into the art of photography did not start with inserting an 8 gb SD card into the side of a digital camera. Like the song says :
" When I think back on all the crap, I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all ....."

In time - yes they did take my Kodachrome away !  But no sooner than they took our film away, we were given instant gratification via the digital age, sometimes the photo gods do shine just the right light on us.

Photographic tools 

So many cameras both past and present, all have added something to my ability to judge the quality and texture of light, often some better than others. I am proud to have started my craft using the very primitive " match needle " cameras of the 60's and 70's. This forces you to truly understand what it is a camera does, no such thing as a programed mode (were the fancy on board computer will figure out a way to take something), it was all about your skills and learning along the way. 

Camera's I have had to joy and pain of using during my adventure : 

- Minolta SRT 201 
- Pentax 6x7 MU 
- Pentax 110 SLR
- Minolta XD-11 
- Mamiya M645 
- Olympus OM
- Epson 750 P 
- Minolta 7
- Minolta 7D  * 
- Olympus E300
- Olympus E500  *
- Olympus E-5  * 

* Cameras in daily use. 

Computers : 

Umax S900 
Mac G5
Macbook Pro
ipad 3rd generation

Windows XP machines

Studio gear : 

Halogen hot lamps 3 with barn doors and soft-box's
Vivitar 283 Flash with gel's (2) 
Britec BB200 Flash + snoot + grid
Yongnuo YN56 Flash
3 x 3 soft box 
Radio Triggers (2 sets) 
Backdrop's and stands
Ring Lamp 

Various Umbrellas and light modifiers. 

Wireless Mic  

Future post - My lens collection, Craigslist - The digital treasure chest, Model Mayhem - The good, the bad and the ugly.