Thursday, July 18, 2013

Model Mayhem - The good, the bad and the ugly.

Model Mayhem - For seven years it has been one of the sources I have used to find new faces for various projects, events and adventures.

MM started as a site that was a cross between social networking and portfolio storage, it was often at first considered something close to Myspace and then later Facebook, its founder Tyler just brought together the code and made the servers play.

The first few years were rocky with the site always crashing. I attributed it to tripping over the power cord leading to the garage were Tyler stored the server in his parents house :-)

But today it is a great place to search out models, make up people and stylist keeping these things in mind :

- MM allows anyone to join for free, so you could be dealing with rank amateurs.

- Screen and triple screen everyone, by this I mean to invite the person to make contact off the MM site via e-mail, then make contact via phone. Anyone not willing to have a real spontaneous live conversation or who will not give basic contact info, then resorts to text only, in my past experience is just dabbling and most often can not conduct themselves in a professional manor.

- Forty -five + models / make up people a year for seven years =  Whole bunch of people. Like in real life many have been great, several real pains in the ass, a rare select few downright sad human beings !  On the whole the overall experience has been a good one.

- My golden rule regarding MM, treat everyone as you would want your mom or dad, children or spouse to be treated.

- Several models have referred friends to me, always reward them with a gift card or some small token of thanks. Karma is a wonderful thing. Some amazing wedding projects have resulted due to this.

- My MM page can be found here:  Model Mayhem 

- Fotographic Aspirations web pages here : F A