Thursday, September 12, 2013

Highlighted model - Lana

In Southern California potential models abound, visit any shopping center and just count them as they go by, but external looks are by far deceiving.

It is the inner spirit and heart that makes " Super Models " for with these ones personality shines in the camera like a bright star.

Some years back I had a photo shoot with a new to LA Russian lady, she was very soft spoken, kinda shy and stunning eyes... but her personality popped like a skyrocket on the forth of July !

Not long after that, I suffered a damaged disk in my back that left me in poor shape, as fate would have it my new model friend was dating a local fellow, but driving all the way across LA to do so as she lived close to downtown. So we came to a wonderful arrangement, as I recovered she lived in my studio and helped with light lifting and she was just a few moments drive away from her new friend.

And so my friendship with " Svetlana " was formed !  As time passed I watched as this tiny fireball with amazing persona bloomed.  These are just a few of the images we crafted:

As the years have passed my dear friend Lana, always amazes me with great art work she produces. Far above her stunning looks is her ability to be a fantastic human being and bring magic to anything she does !

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