Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bits and pieces to support new gear .....

So your asking yourself what do these tools have to do with " Photography " ? When you get fed up with paying crazy prices for things or no one has quite exactly what you want or you might want to modify something stock .... these are the things you need. 

Previous small parts made - car stuff. 
These past few months I have acquired several large lenses, that require some kind of support, along with this my Olympus E-5 has video capability. Producing quality video requires a stable platform and the ability to manually and smoothly focus, this is most often done with a " follow focus " gear set. Often a complete set up to convert a DSLR to a video platform can cost as much as a camera body new ! Now like everything else these days there is " China " made or USA, some of the Chinese stuff is very good value for money, some junk. Most of the made in USA stuff is just down right pricey.

Building this should be a few extra evenings, when done a CNC tool path to reproduce this as required will be on hand. Material cost: $ 5 ~ 6 screws bolts + $ 10 of scrap 6061-T6 aluminum and .50 cents of 15 mm tube stock.  

Long term idea is to make a batch of useful products, stock a few of each and offer to sale to other photographers at attractive prices. 

More to follow with future post ......